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One-time donations

Your one-time donations will help us at San Diegans for Gun Violence Prevention fund the programs of community groups on the front lines of ending gun violence of all kinds. They will help us register for the dozens of in-person tabling events we attend each year and print the brochures we hand out at them. We’ll use your donations for promotional materials, t-shirts, our mailing list software, and for boring stuff like insurance and our P.O. box. SD4GVP is completely volunteer-driven, so your donations go straight to our mission.

What’s a good amount for a one-time donation?

We’re fortunate to receive frequent donations of $25, $50 and $100. One gentleman – a responsible, clear-thinking gun owner – symbolically donated $650, the retail price of a Beretta Px4 Storm semi-automatic pistol.

Donate an amount that you’re comfortable with. Use the “Other Amount” box and surprise me. We’ll put it all to good use.

Recurring donations

The button below makes it even easier for you to set up recurring donations. In addition to everything I’ve just mentioned, your recurring donations take the edge off operations by helping us budget and plan our expenditures.

What’s a good amount for a recurring donation?

We have recurring donors who give us anywhere from $10 to $50 a month. (“Recurring donations are the heartbeat of every non-profit organization I know of,” one of our most generous monthly donors told me.) They have helped us weather the three-year pause in in-person meetings and the general fall-off in engagement that the pandemic has brought about.


We’re always grateful for your donations. They show us – and, by extension, they show the electeds, officials and people directly affected by gun violence – that this work is important to you.

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