Therese Hymer, President
Legislation and Advocacy Team Lead

“Back in 2017, I felt helpless seeing the toll of daily gun violence on our country. I decided I had to take action. At SD4GVP, I found a group that educates, provides opportunities to act, and encourages each of us to use our voice and talents to make a difference.”

Carol Landale, Vice President, Outreach

“I joined the GVP movement after the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012. Progress is slow but we won’t give up.”

Lori Van Orden, Education Team Lead

“As a teacher for 20 years, the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School activated my commitment to end gun violence. In SD4GVP, I work alongside other committed volunteers to make a difference. I hope you will join us.”


John White, Treasurer and Communications Team Lead

“I joined the GVP movement because I reached the point where it was impossible for me not to do something about guns in this country. I’ve stayed in the movement because the people in SD4GVP are dedicated, talented and, most of all, even-minded.”

Sandy Housley, Secretary

“In 2016 my 2nd grandson was born and a new mass shooting drove me to action to try to change the world both my grandsons were growing up in. I found a local Brady Campaign Chapter and a group of unrelenting advocates that became SD4GVP.”

Ron Marcus, Vice President, Communications

“I got into the GVP movement because of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. That was my tipping point. I could not simply stand by, read the headlines, and lament. I had to act. And I’ll keep taking action until we make a fundamental change in this country.”


Kara Chine, Team Enough Lead

“I was a teacher at Santana High School, the site of the 1999 school shooting.  Although I was not on campus that day, I knew the victims and when my own children started high school, I felt the need to contribute toward their protection and empowerment. Helping young people use their voice for positive change is something I can do to make a difference.”

Gerry Braun, Member at Large

“Visible public support is essential to achieving the meaningful reforms we need to protect innocent lives from guns. Coalitions like San Diegans for Gun Violence Prevention focus our collective energy, amplify our voices, and enhance our effectiveness. If I could only support one cause, it would be this one.”



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