Our mission:  End gun violence.

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“There would have been nearly 140,000 fewer firearm-related deaths”

On August 15, California Attorney General Rob Bonta released the first-ever data report from the Office of Gun Violence Prevention (OGVP). The report summarizes gun violence data in California and throughout the U.S. and has the potential to guide policy and strategy...

June 2 Gun Violence Awareness Day [video]

June 2, 2023 is proclaimed Gun Violence Awareness Day in San Diego County

Here’s What 2 County Supervisors Said “No” To

TL;DR: Important races for county supervisors are in progress right now, with more in 2024. If gun-violence prevention is important to you, then get ready to vote! On Tuesday, July 18, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors heard the Final Report on the Community...

Tipping Point — One Mother’s Poem

Untitled By Kristen Fogle I love picking out your clothes for preschool--Batman or Elmo shirts,short sleeves, cuffs,tidy stripes, retro paisley--but lately I can't decide...Better to dress you in bright colors so the teacher will easily spot youor muted ones so an...

In Memory of a GVP Leader: Ira Sharp

June is known as Gun Violence Prevention Month across the nation. As June comes to a close, we reflect on the life-saving impact of those who dedicate their hearts, minds and energy to the prevention of gun violence. This month we lost a true leader in GVP and a force...

National Safer Communities Summit

It’s not often that you have the chance to attend a national summit on gun-violence prevention (GVP) with the President also in attendance. Of course, it’s a sad commentary that we need a national summit on GVP in the first place. But if we do, it’s heartening to...


SD4GVP, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, is a coalition of concerned citizens united to end gun violence in America.

This coalition includes many San Diego County organizations and individual citizens, just like you and me, who are stepping up to change our laws and prevent gun violence once and for all, through advocacy and education.

2022 Gun Homicides in America

American Children & Teenagers Shot in 2022

2022 Gun Suicides in America

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