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SD4GVP is pleased to provide the following materials that can be downloaded and included in school district communications.

Template Memoranda Provided by California Department of Education

On July 29, 2023, the California Department of Education issued a letter to School Superintendents and Principals directing them to the Template Memoranda for Parent/guardian annual notification that satisfies the model content requirement of Assembly Bill 452 and Senate Bill 906.

The templates are available in English and Spanish at or at the links below.

· Template Memorandum for Safe Firearms Storage – English (DOCX)

· Template Memorandum for Safe Firearms Storage – Spanish (DOCX)

Information Sheet for Parents

The Learn More About Keeping Kids Safe Information Sheet for Parents refers to several online resources for parents who want to learn more about safe storage.  The Information Sheet also includes an explanation of Gun Violence Restraining Orders and contact information for learning more about this important tool that can protect children. This resource also includes important phone numbers for accessing support during times of crisis or potential harm.


The Impact of Gun Violence on Children Infographic can be posted or distributed to inform parents about the prevalence of gun violence impacting children, and the important role parents can play in keeping children from accessing unsecured firearms.

Social Media Templates

Social media is a great place to raise awareness about safe storage and let parents know that their school is willing to partner with them in keeping their children safe. This toolkit includes two Social Media Messaging Templates that can be downloaded and used on any social media site. (Click on link, then right-click and Save As…)

· Safe Storage Saves Kids’ Lives – Suggested text: “Parents have the opportunity – and the obligation – to keep firearms safely stored and out of the hands of children.”

· Be Your Child’s Superhero – Suggested text: “Before you drop off your child at someone’s house, ask if they have firearms, and if they do, whether they are locked and unloaded. Your child is counting on you.”

· Prevent Teen Suicide – Suggested text: “In as many as 75% of youth firearm suicides for which the gun storage method could be identified, the gun was stored loaded and unlocked.” (

Local Ordinance Information

In addition to state laws regarding access prevention and safe storage of firearms, several local communities have passed ordinances to help reduce gun-related deaths and injuries. Families who live in unincorporated areas of San Diego County, or in the cities of San Diego, Encinitas, Del Mar or Solana Beach, have obligations under these additional local ordinances.

Each ordinance has identical key language about a gun owner’s obligations. Specifically, the ordinances require that a person who keeps any type of firearm in their residence or its accessory structures must keep it secured so that unauthorized users cannot access the weapon. The law requires that loaded and unloaded firearms be stored in a locked container or disabled with a trigger lock. There is an exception if the firearm is carried on the body of an authorized user or is in the user’s immediate control so that they can readily retrieve and use the firearm.

We suggest that information provided to parents from school districts with families covered by these laws refer to these local regulations as well as state laws in their communications. Sample language is provided here.

Links to local ordinances are here.

Page last updated Aug 10, 2023.

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