Doing More to Keep Students Safe

There are Important and Easy Things a School District Can Do to Help Promote Safe Storage.

Enhance the Information Provided to Parents (See Resources and Tools)

• Include additional information in the annual notice. There are several resources included in this toolkit that school districts can share with parents, including an information sheet with helpful links, and an infographic that illustrates the prevalence of gun violence impacting children.

• Communicate with parents about safe storage beyond the annual notice. Email or social media are great ways to remind parents to securely store their firearms. This toolkit includes sample language and downloadable images for easy use on social media sites.

• Add information on safe storage to parent handbooks. A brief reference to a school or district webpage with information on safe storage is one way to make parents aware of the issue and the resources available to them.

Create Content on the District Website

The district website is a great place to provide resources to parents and students about safe storage. This can include tips for keeping kids safe, an explanation of local regulations and links to resources to assist families in crisis and needing support.

Pass a Resolution

Passing a resolution can enhance your district’s commitment to preventing gun violence and promoting safety, while building awareness with parents and staff.

Several districts in San Diego County have passed resolutions recently, including San Diego Unified School District.

Host an Event or Training

Train Parents to Be SMART: Be SMART for Kids has worked with schools all across the country, helping to raise awareness around secure gun storage. A Be SMART training can ensure that parents, caregivers, and all adults in our school community receive important and potentially life-saving information.

Contact to learn more about scheduling a free Be SMART Training (provided in English or Spanish) for schools in your district.

Plan Awareness-Raising Events: There are several days, weeks, and months each year dedicated to raising awareness about keeping kids safe from firearm injuries and death.  Consider hosting awareness-raising events during these designated times:

  • National Suicide Prevention Week: September 10 – September 16, 2023 (September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month)
  • National Injury Prevention Day: November 18, 2023
  • National Gun Violence Awareness Day: June 2, 2024

Page last updated Aug 9, 2023.

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