San Diegans for Gun Violence Prevention is dedicated to the prevention of all violence in America. Violence by firearm is inextricably linked to violence in general, particularly because firearms are such efficient instruments for maiming and killing, and the amazingly easy access to firearms in this country.

Time and again, we experience heart-wrenching examples of needless violence and disproportionate force perpetrated by law enforcement and the justice system on people of color in this country.

The horrific killing of George Floyd is just one more example of this ongoing trend of systemic racial inequality and violence toward people of color — often conducted by the very institutions and people charged with keeping peace.

Murder is murder, whoever commits it. “Not one more” applies to all murders. The murder must stop.

San Diegans for Gun Violence Prevention stands with those across our nation who are protesting for long overdue and lasting change. It is time to end the inequity, and ensure a society where anyone can always feel respected and safe from violence.

photo credit: Chad Davis

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