It’s the abiding tragedy of our age that young people have to be troubled by the danger of gun violence. One of the few bright spots in that otherwise bleak landscape is the talent, energy and precious perspective they can bring. That’s why we were heartened that eighth-grade students from High Tech Middle School North County, near San Diego, asked SD4GVP to partner with them for their “Made to Stick” project last month.

In Made to Stick, students learn from history’s most revolutionary ideas, then apply linguistic and artistic persuasion to their own revolutions. In partnership with professional organizations and nonprofits like SD4GVP, the students at High Tech Middle School developed multimedia marketing campaigns on topics like gun violence, climate change, habitat conservation and protecting animal species.

Have a look at the essays, one-minute videos and poster art that students created with the goal of getting you to “think about how YOU can help make the world a better place.”

Note that the content in the link below includes descriptions and images of firearms and ammunition. References are also made to gun violence and suicide. The content may not be suitable to all readers.

High Tech Middle School North County, Made to Stick Project — Gun-Violence Prevention

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