June is known as Gun Violence Prevention Month across the nation. As June comes to a close, we reflect on the life-saving impact of those who dedicate their hearts, minds and energy to the prevention of gun violence. This month we lost a true leader in GVP and a force for good in humanity. 

Ira Sharp inspired so many San Diegans with his dedication, his intellect and his kind, inclusive nature toward everyone he met. SD4GVP knew Ira as an invaluable partner and a well-respected leader. Individuals within the organization describe him as a tireless joy to work with, as well as a sincere, loving man who had the gift of connecting with people and befriending anyone. His work lives on. His humanity touched us all and will never be forgotten. 

On June 22, California State Senator Catherine Blakespear adjourned in memory of Ira Sharp and the powerful impact he has had on our state. As she remarked, “Ira understood the simple truth that we too often forget, which is, at the heart of every issue, of every policy and of every disagreement…are people. And people, however imperfect, have the capacity for good.”

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