Today is Giving Tuesday and we know you will receive many requests to support charitable organizations. Why does San Diegans for Gun Violence Prevention deserve your donation this year? Because there is a clear and present threat on the horizon to our local and statewide gun safety legislation that we have worked so hard to pass in San Diego and California. Due to the recent Supreme Court ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen, our local courts may overturn years of legislation that currently makes California one of the leaders in gun violence prevention.

We at SD4GVP are your friends and neighbors—and we will fight back by continuing and increasing our local efforts:

*Partnering with community gun violence intervention programs, especially in San Diego neighborhoods disproportionately affected by guns

*Educating the public about the importance of secure storage of firearms

*Advocating for gun safety legislation and leaders

*Honoring the victims of gun violence and supporting their survivors

*Working with our local medical institutions to broaden awareness and collaborate in gun violence prevention

SD4GVP is a 100% volunteer organization, so your donation goes directly to our work. And if you want a very specific way to contribute, you can help us purchase gun locks for distribution in our communities to help keep guns locked, unloaded and secure.

Based on a price of $4 per gun lock (GUNMASTER 15″ HARDENED STEEL CABLE LOCK (CA DOJ APPROVED) IN BULK), your donation of…

$20 will buy 5 gun locks

$40 will buy 10 gun locks

$100 will buy 25 gun locks

$400 will buy 100 gun locks

I want to donate $________ to purchase _________ gun locks.

We appreciate any amount you can donate. Thank you for helping us do this work.

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