Clinical Tools for Preventing Firearm Injury

Patients who are admitted to the hospital following a firearm-related assault face high risk of fatal or nonfatal reinjury. Hospital-based violence intervention programs (HVIPs) intervene during hospitalization to provide comprehensive care for survivors of violent injury, connecting them with a variety of social services that can address survivors’ psychological trauma, risk factors for violence, and the social-ecological factors that may have contributed to their initial injury and risk of future injury.

On November 16th, in the seventh episode of our webinar series, Nerisha Harris, Chevist Johnson, and Esmeralda Huerta, Violence Intervention Specialists, will talk about their experience providing culturally-affirming care at the bedside of injured patients through the UC Davis Wraparound Trauma Prevention Program.

Mark your calendar for every third Tuesday of the month at noon PT for more brief talks on firearm injury prevention.


Nov 16 2021


12:00 pm - 12:30 pm


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