In-Person Events, January-June 2023

In-Person Events, January-June 2023

The first half of 2023 has been productive, as we’ve begun shaking off the three years of hesitation brought to us by COVID-19.

SD4GVP has strengthened its ties to youth groups, especially in schools. The present affects young people disproportionately and the future of the movement lies with their determination to end gun violence.

As our photo album shows, whether we were marching with a congresswoman under threatening skies . . .

. . . participating in a Walk-and-Knock with the San Diego Police Department after a shooting in Lincoln Park . . .

. . . helping middle-school students with their gun-violence prevention projects . . .

. . . participating in Morse High School’s Week of Consciousness about gun violence in America . . .

. . . helping to light up the San Diego County Administration Building for Gun Violence Awareness Day . . .

. . . introducing students to their assembly members to advocate for sensible gun laws . . .

. . . or standing up for Peace in the Park in neighborhoods affected by gun violence . . .

we’ve continued to make it clear to officials and elected representatives that ending gun violence is important to you.

Take a look at the entire photo album.

Firearm Policies, Trends, and New Findings On Political Violence

Firearm Policies, Trends, and New Findings On Political Violence

Presented at the May 2023 SD4GVP monthly meeting by Dr. Garen Wintemute.

Garen J. Wintemute is a renowned expert on the public health crisis of gun violence and a pioneer in the field of injury epidemiology and prevention of firearm violence, which results in approximately 30,000 deaths a year and approximately 75,000 nonfatal injuries seen in hospital emergency departments.

Dr. Wintemute’s longstanding commitment to understand the nature of firearm violence and its underlying causes has produced a uniquely rich and informative body of research on firearm violence that directly improves the health and safety of Americans and has positioned California and UC Davis as national leaders in efforts to break the cycle of gun violence.

Dr. Wintemute has conducted and published findings from numerous studies on gun accessibility, connections between gun ownership and violence, and related topics. He has testified before Congress and served as a consultant for the National Institute of Justice; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms; and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Watch the video of his presentation below, and learn more about his work here »

In-Person Events, July-December 2022

In-Person Events, July-December 2022

December 17, 2022: 10th Annual Vigil for Victims of Gun Violence – St. Paul’s Cathedral

December 17, 2022: Toy Giveaway at Willie Henderson Sports Complex

December 3, 2022: La Mesa Gun Buyback

November 30, 2022: Gratitude Gathering – County Supervisors Proclamation and City Council Commendation

November 19, 2022: Season of Peace – Seabreeze Apartments

November 17, 2022: Scrubs Addressing the Firearm Epidemic (SAFE) – UCSD

November 16, 2022: Season of Peace – Peace in the Holidays

November 15, 2022: United Against Hate – Proclamation from County Supervisor Juan Vargas

October 20, 2022: Out of Darkness – Suicide prevention walk

October 2022: Writing postcards and canvassing for Congressman Mike Levin, State Assembly Candidate Brian Maienschein and State Senate Candidate Joe Rocha

October 8, 2022: Balboa Park — Your Safe Place resource fair

October 2, 2022: Rancho Bernardo Safety Fair

September 28, 2022: SDSU Peace Fair

September 19, 2022: Meet and Greet – County Supervisor Candidate Tiffany Boyd-Hodgson

September 11, 2022: Survivors of Suicide Loss

August 27, 2022: Back to School supplies giveaway, Logan Heights

August 20, 2022: Back to School supplies giveaway – Market Street

August 18, 2022: Walk and Knock with SDPD – Orange Ave.

August 2, 2022: National Night Out

July 23, 2022: Peace March, Mothers with a Message – Southeast San Diego

10th Annual Vigil For All Victims of Gun Violence

10th Annual Vigil For All Victims of Gun Violence

December 17, 2022

We remember the victims and Move forward together to end gun violence.


Our Speakers & Contributors

The Very Reverend Penny Bridges
Dean, St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral where diversity is respected, encouraged and protected; member, Mayor’s AIDS Memorial Task Force; co-founder of San Diego Women in Ministry, an interfaith women clergy group.

Dr. Sophie Webber
Dr Sophie Webber (cello) is an internationally accomplished soloist, chamber musician, and educator, who believes in the healing power of music. For more information, and for upcoming performances, please visit

Darius Mozafarian
Former dance professor, a gypsy at heart with multicultural background, who loves to capture and share the spirit of the moment through spontaneously created music of the body, and the dance of the mind.

Bishop Cornelius Bowser
Founding Pastor of Charity Apostolic Church and founder of Shaphat Outreach, a ministry dedicated to preventing gang and gun violence.

Our Savior’s Youth Band
Students of Mid-City Music Center and young people from Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in North Park bring their voices and music to honor victims and survivors of gun violence.

Pastor Maria Santa Cruz
Pastor of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, North Park since 1996. A native of Mexico, Pastor Maria leads a bilingual service every Sunday at her Church.

Pastor Jesús Sandoval
Senior Pastor at Remnant Church, Executive Director, San Diego Commission on Gang Violence Prevention and Intervention and founder of Community Wraparound, an outreach to gang-impacted youth.

Liz and Carlos Muñoz
Liz and Carlos lost their son, Juan Carlos Muñoz Jr., to gun violence in 2015 and now lead the San Diego Chapter of Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice, a network of crime survivors joining together to create healing communities and shape public policy. They are also founders of Jr’s Trauma Care Initiative focusing on trauma recovery through mental health services. /

Sarah Bekele
Sarah is a survivor of gun violence took place on October 26,2020. Her boyfriend Malik Millhouse shielded her and in the act of saving her life, lost his. Sarah survived 6 gun shots and now is an advocate on gun-violence prevention


Sue Taylor
Retired English/ESL teacher, tutor who loves poetry.

San Diego Creative Arts International
Inspires and trains students of all ages, generations, and backgrounds – who desire to grow artistically and confidently in the performing arts. The organization is committed to providing access to the arts as well as the stability of consistent after-school activity for children, especially those who might not otherwise be able to afford it. / 619-786-0523 /

Marsha Brook
Sculptor dedicated to creating portraits of people who work to improve society. She has created three works for this vigil: James Brady, Gabby Giffords and Tariq Khamisa. See below for their contributions to the gun violence prevention movement.


Sculpture Subjects

James Brady
White House press secretary for Ronald Reagan who was shot in an attempt on the President’s life. He and his wife Sarah fought for stronger gun control, founded the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and in 1993 were instrumental in passing the background check bill, known as the Brady Bill.

Gabby Giffords
Former Arizona Congresswoman and outspoken advocate for gun violence prevention, Giffords was shot in 2011 and after a long recovery has gone on to form Giffords, a law center and PAC, whose mission is to “fight to end the gun lobby’s stranglehold on our political system.”

Tariq Khamisa
In 1995 Tariq Khamisa was killed by a 14-year-old gang member, Tony Hicks. Tony was tried as an adult and sentenced to 25 years in prison. Tariq’s father, Azim Khami– sa, felt this tragedy created victims on both ends of the gun. In an extraordinary act of grace and forgiveness, Azim reached out to Tony’s grandfather, Ples Felix. The two men came together in the spirit of healing to end youth violence. They formed the Tariq Khamisa Foundation (TKF) which is dedicated to teaching forgiveness, hope and peace.


Giving Tuesday — Gun Locks for Gun Violence Prevention

Giving Tuesday — Gun Locks for Gun Violence Prevention


Today is Giving Tuesday and we know you will receive many requests to support charitable organizations. Why does San Diegans for Gun Violence Prevention deserve your donation this year? Because there is a clear and present threat on the horizon to our local and statewide gun safety legislation that we have worked so hard to pass in San Diego and California. Due to the recent Supreme Court ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen, our local courts may overturn years of legislation that currently makes California one of the leaders in gun violence prevention.

We at SD4GVP are your friends and neighbors—and we will fight back by continuing and increasing our local efforts:

*Partnering with community gun violence intervention programs, especially in San Diego neighborhoods disproportionately affected by guns

*Educating the public about the importance of secure storage of firearms

*Advocating for gun safety legislation and leaders

*Honoring the victims of gun violence and supporting their survivors

*Working with our local medical institutions to broaden awareness and collaborate in gun violence prevention

SD4GVP is a 100% volunteer organization, so your donation goes directly to our work. And if you want a very specific way to contribute, you can help us purchase gun locks for distribution in our communities to help keep guns locked, unloaded and secure.

Based on a price of $4 per gun lock (GUNMASTER 15″ HARDENED STEEL CABLE LOCK (CA DOJ APPROVED) IN BULK), your donation of…

$20 will buy 5 gun locks

$40 will buy 10 gun locks

$100 will buy 25 gun locks

$400 will buy 100 gun locks

I want to donate $________ to purchase _________ gun locks.

We appreciate any amount you can donate. Thank you for helping us do this work.

Getting Back into the Community – 2022 Events

Getting Back into the Community – 2022 Events

Cautiously shaking off the pandemic blues in early 2022, San Diegans for Gun Violence Prevention has gradually resumed participating in live, community events.

July 17, 2022: San Diego Pride Parade and Festival


June 14, 2022: San Diego County Board of Supervisors meeting


June 11, 2022: Wear Orange

May 2022: Vigil for victims of school shooting in Uvalde, TX


May 2022: Vigil for victims of supermarket shooting in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo vigil

Buffalo vigil

April 2022: Earth Fair — Balboa Park, San Diego

April 2022: Peace in the Park

March 2022: Youth Justice Summit

January 2022: CAST walk